Winning Fruit Slot Machines: How To Spot A Hot Machine

Your advantage comes from the disadvantage of others! it’s cruel, but it’s smart. In online casinos, scoping is virtually impossible, i mean in some card games you can watch the reactions and actions of other players, but the it’s very limited. In the bookies however, we have far more freedom and the further situation of human interaction.

Scoping is were a gambler will watch another gambler at distance, determine their own position, wait for advantage and then seek profit. It’s not a very by the book way of playing, but it is a very good way of making money. In principle you are actually using others, to force yourself into a winning position. Selfish,   but very neccessary.

This article will tell you how to scope, and how to avoid being scoped by another bookies professional. If you are to ever beat online casino, then here is a good place to start, lets begin.

Which fruit machines to look out for

Without a doubt, the electronic roulette machines in the bookies along with the fruit machines are the best systems to operate against. Remember, normally you’ll be watching a full onset gambler who is probably under the influence or even concentrating on the next horse race that’s happening on the big screen behind him.

These are all advantages that you must use, along with player self discipline in order to really clean up. If you really confident or ready to try online casino, you can get free roulette money credits worth a fortune.

Scoping and how to find a winning fruit machine

  • First place a bet on a horse race later on in the day, buy yourself time.
  • Find yourself a good position, at the wall, to the side, behind a corner etc.
  • Make sure you have a good visual on the machines.
  • Wait for another player to go on a roulette/fruit machine.

Count credits in/money out

  • If he’s putting in lots of money and not winning, you need to get on next.
  • If he’s getting lots of money out and not putting much in, then choose another target.
  • Are they drunk, intoxicated, concentrating, use this to your advantage.
  • When you get the opportunity, leave a minute pause and then get on the machine.

Don’t let other fruit machine players target you

  • Avoid letting another gambler offer advice to you in the bookies.
  • Avoid letting them get in too close.
  • Keep a look out for someone watching you.
  • Gamble in busy enviroments and avoid quiet betting shops.
  • Put in loose change, pound coins can be counted by scoper.
  • Get your hand into the collection tube and hide the sound of winning moments.
  • Avoid machines that are not being used, but are closely watched by others.
  • Only scope roulette bookies machines and fruit slot machines.
  • Ask someone in the bookies whether or not the machine has just cashed a jackpot.
  • Don’t go in with anyone, bet alone and on your own, don’t share machine operation

Fruit machine scoping and winning can make you money

You can make some decent pocket change by carrying out scoping at almost any opportunity. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to beat the bookies in a bricks and mortar betting shop.

Stay focused and just like playing online casinos, stay comfortably within your casino bankroll and as always, leave with profit when possible.
Try out some free roulette money spins or play on the free fruit slots that we have to offer you.

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