What are casino streams?

Streams, as a form of entertainment, have already become commonplace for Internet users. Today you can find online broadcasts on a variety of topics, including gaming. Some might think: why would people watch someone play slots, poker, roulette, etc.? However, online casino streams have found their own audience. Recordings of successful gambling broadcasts can collect up to hundreds of thousands of views.

Who are gambling streamers?

Casino streamers do almost the same thing as video game streamers: they broadcast their game with or without a webcam, accompany the process with comments, respond to comments and donations from subscribers, and conduct various contests. The people who stream live casinos are usually guys or girls between the ages of 25 and 35. Most of them stream casinos on both Twitch and YouTube, that is, they have one channel on both video sites. Many of them became popular, sharing useful tips and life hacks on the topic of gambling with their viewers.

Popular Russian-speaking gambling streamers

The most influential people who stream casinos on the air are the following content creators:

* Ludojop. Streamer born in 1988 from Smolensk. Also known as Vitaly Yurievich. He is the top person in the online slot machine industry. It got promoted, among other things, thanks to advertising from another famous streamer under the nickname Vitus. He quickly began to gain popularity after he won five million rubles live in the fall of 2017

* Vitus. The guy is from Krasnodar. His real name and surname is Viktor Khlusov, also known as Vituss. Born in 1985 Specializes in slots. He gained particular popularity after winning 6,000,000 rubles during the broadcast of a casino stream.

* Anatoly Filatov. Popular poker player from Moscow, born in 1988. Also known as Nl_Profit. They know about him not only in Russia, but also abroad. Anatoly has such achievements as a place in the top 100 players in the world, the MILLIONS Russia 2018 championship title, the title of the best player in Europe 2014. He is mainly involved in online poker streams.

* Mr. Slotshunter. An online slot machine streamer who prefers large bets. His real name and surname is Shamil Ponomarev. This content maker was blocked on YouTube and took a long break, but is now back in the saddle to regain its former popularity.

* Andrey TTR. This person is not only a streamer, but also the owner of the casino (TTR Casino). The real name of the content creator is Nikolaev. Andrey TTR became interested in poker in the early 2000s. He started his journey with RedStarPoker. Recently, he has been organizing casino streams on YouTube, releasing videos with useful tips on gambling.


Now online casino streams are quite popular. There are tons of content creators out there who stream their game live on playgrounds. The most authoritative persons in this area: Ludojop, Vitus, Anatoly Filatov, Mr. Slotshunter, Andrey TTR.