The Virgin Casino V Points System

Very few casinos live up to their promises when it comes to long term bonuses, but we’re glad to say that Virgin Casino really looks out for their long term visitors. The casino has one of the most powerful points systems on the internet, it’s V Points and we’re going to explain everything. Start making v points here

What The V Points System Is All About

The lucrative v points system at Virgin Casino means that players can wage bets in return for points at the casino. This means that regardless of winning or losing, you can build a collection of points that can be used in exchange for cash and other prizes. Thats earning points every single time you play.

What Can V Points Get You?


V points can be exchanged for cash by an immediate transaction to your player account. This money can be either withdrawn or waged in further casino games for more possible prizes.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles

Redeem your v points for air miles and experience reduced air travel, discount flights and more. You could be jetting off to some major luxurious destinations if you hit the big one. For example, imagine if you drop £20 000 on a progressive jackpot, we’re talking major air miles and some serious cash. Click here – to begin

Virgin Vouchers

Redeem your casino chip points against Virgins vast product portfolio and take advantage of extensive offers. This can mean anything from luxurios jewellery to fine tasting wines.

Virgin Experiences

Are you in need of an adrenaline rush or a spot of pampering? Redeem your V* POINTS for an indulgent Virgin Experience, including rally driving or a relaxing spa day. This really is first class treatment for a well deserving casino pro.

Counting And Getting Your V Point Power

For every single game you play at Virgin Casino, you’ll be making v points at the tables. This means for every single slot spin, each spin of the roulette wheel and every throw of the dice. Where else do casinos pay their players for playing, it’s a win win scenario that has players joining this well trusted brand by the bucket load.