Santas New Scratch Card Game

If one month of year was better than the others for online casino bonuses, then December takes the title. In fact visit betfred casino and you’ll have more than just presents under the tree. The highstreet bookmaker brand is currently handing out up to £500 for new depositing players, instant free play to everyone and competition points to get free cash for every play you make. It’s an early Christmas at betfreds casino, that’s for sure.

Why Players Are Scratching Off Santas Card At Betfred Casino

Betfred bookies fans will love santas new scratch card game, the latest playtech driven gambling craze of the year. Santas scratch is a card game true to the christmas spirit, with father christmas playing the leading figure for the jackpots. If players manage to find three santas in a row or column, then a prize is paid immediately. Prizes can reach upwards to £10 000 with frequent pay out lines on 96% of occassions, it’s anyones odds.

Make Tripple Cash Points

Betfreds casino not only hand out up to £500 in new player deposit bonuses, but the casino offers free play on all games. However betfred. com do things with a little more punch, they throw in comp points too. These are loyalty points that players recieve during every single bet, points worth free and real money.

Whilst betfred casino players make points on all games, they’ll get trebble comp points when they play santas scratch card game. So everytime you scratch off the card in hope of finding £10 000, you’ll be making three times your regular comp points. That’s 3 times the amount of real cash points building up in your account.

Visit Betfreds Casino

Not everyone likes spending their own money first, that’s why betfred provides free instant play. It’s a chance for new registrations to get familiar with the website, as it is the chance to play on every single game without any deposit needed.

Santa’s scratch is the latest christmas spectacular from playtech, and covertcasino are giving the green light to new players from the UK. If you’re going to play this new game anywhere, then we highly recommend that you play santas card game at Betfred, because your getting 60% more in bonus potential than any other current online casino.

Remember, at Betfred. com casino your getting comp points for every single bet you make, points worth real money. So when you play the new scratch card game in search of santa, you’re making three times your comp levels for doing nothing more than playing. Did we also mention the £10 00o, that’s right, ten thousand pounds is up for grabs too.