Online Baccarat

These three types are very much alike, the differences stand in who is allowed to play the role of the bank, in the drawing rules and there are some rules which vary from casino to casino(like using chips or money to place wagers). Using real money to place wagers is more common in American Baccarat, they do this to enhance the excitement of the game.


I will describe these three types shortly. In American Baccarat you play against the house, so there is a croupier, for this the casino takes 5 % commission on all hands won by the bank. Another attribute of American Baccarat is that the player automatically gets another card when he/she has five points. In the case of Chemin de Fer the casino does not play the role of a banker, the players wager among themselves. According to the rule, the “shoe” (in which the decks are placed) moves from counterclockwise.

The Chemin de Fer has more flexible drawing rules than American Baccarat, since the player can opt between standing or drawing at five points, and the banker might not bet. The European type of baccarat is like the French type, except the dealer. Here, just like in the American type, the casino assigns a croupier. It was important to talk about these differences, even if you won’t meet all of them in playing online baccarat. The three types of baccarat can be found in online casinos too, but here the dealer is always a virtual one, even if you play American Baccarat. Now, I should write about some playing systems, strategies to make your gambling more profitable, but baccarat has one basic strategy: you should always bet on the bank hand.

Actually you might choose between three hands: betting on the player hand, here the house edge is 1.29%, betting the bank hand, the house edge is 1.01%, and betting on a tie hand where the house edge is very high(15.75%), so you should avoid betting on a tie. Looking on the house edge, you can easily figure it out, that the bank wins more often, so it is more profitable to bet on the bank hand. As I already wrote, most of the casinos take a 5% commission when the bank hand wins, but still, betting on the bank is the most profitable on the long run. If you are thinking about a betting strategy, you should take into account only a few things: it is best for you if you play with a low number of decks (the best choice is usually 6 decks), try to find an online casino which charges a commission less than 5% in case of the banker bets.

This is all you have to know in order to be a winner. Without a hard strategy, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that never bet on a tie hand, and you have every chance to win! If you do your research in matter of online casinos, you can find a few where you can play baccarat with only one deck, and this considerably raises you chance of winning. After all, I can state that baccarat is a very easy game with big chances to win. If you are not sure on yourself, you can play it for free before you decide to gamble for real money. Do not forget this big advantage of online casinos! And do not forget: if you want to win, then you should bet on the bank! This is the best strategy you should know when you are playing Baccarat. Good luck gambling!