Double Your Money With Premium Roulette at Virgin Casino

If you like playing bookies roulette machines then you might just want to check out premium roulette at virgin casino. It’s a version of the game that allows players to track and monitor their bets along with results and various statistics, it’s the ultimate free roulette pro trainer. Plus when you join virgin casino you can double your money up to £100, a deal that no betting shop could ever hope to match.

At covert casino we’re always looking for nifty new tricks to help beat roulette machines and profit from bookmakers when it comes to computerised gambling, yet now we have the perfect training package with Premium roulette at virgin. Imagine trying to think of your last ten bets or when a number 7 last shown up on the wheel, premium roulette does the hard work for you so you can just concentrate on the spins that really matter.

Payouts On Premium Roulette Are 97. 3% 

Modern roulette simulators and machines are often scrutinised for having low payment thresholds, virgin casinos premium game is much higher and more favourable to the player. In fact the return to player percentage is a staggering 97. 3% when it comes to paying out.

Premium roulette is the latest and most powerful simulation of the most popular uk online casino game that is roulette. Features include stunning 3D visual graphics and sound effects that deliver an almost realistic appeal to real casino roulette; it’s the closest we’ve ever seen. It makes betting shop roulette look like a 1990’s video game console with its awesome real life dealers and simplistic betting functions, you’ll never go spinning at the bookies again.

Improve Your Roulette Betting Skills

Roulette machine tips on the internet are few and far between, but nothing is more accurate than this one. Whilst roulette is considered one of the world’s most impossible games to predict, there are ways in which a player can manage their bets and bankrolls. The good thing about virgin. com and their premium game is the bonus of 100% which they pay to the value of £100.

Playing premium roulette is fast and simple, you can place bets from as low as 0. 25 to a more modest 1000. 00 a spin, ok so maybe we’re not all high rollers but the range is extreme. The wheel is well designed with betting information and history close to hand, when we say history we mean statistics and every wannabe roulette professional wants them. In this game, you have them all and so much more. If ever you were going to build strategies, systems and patterns then it’s at virgin casino and it’s playing their top new roulette game.

Players can spin 12 different wheels at virgin for free with the premium version just one of them. If you’re tired of playing bookies roulette machines and would like a tip that finally packs a punch, then it’s this one. Check out virgin’s latest spinning wheel and double your money with up to £100 when you deposit at Branson’s awesome online playground.