Betting Systems To Beat Roulette – Ball Tracker Routine

Tracking the ball to win

Tracking the ball in roulette is used extensively across the world as one of the leading theories behind closing a roulette wheel down. In roulette on the internet, successful gambling depends upon reducing the surface area of the wheel by spread betting or even segmenting the numerical values. This is just one of many ways we can beat online casino, by making more in rakes backs and slashing the odds.

Ball tracking is were by having a reference number, we take action in one direction in a hope that as the ball alters position during each bet, we increase our chances of hitting its landing zone.

We can do this by tracking the landing zones of the roulette wheel, as follows.

Define the reference value

Take your first bet and regardless of winning or losing, this bet is to find the reference value and nothing more. Where the ball lands will now become the reference point and will direct your further actions. Lets say the first point that the ball has landed upon is the number 21, we now have 21 as our reference landing zone.

Visually divide the board into two halves

We can now divide the wheel into two halves, one direction will be everything going to the right of the number 21 and the other direction will be everything going to the left of the number 21. The number directly opposite 21 will become the meeting point for each of these two half sections of the board.

Choose one half of the board and lay down a bet plot

You may have seen people in the roulette bookies laying down a bet plot, these are bets placed on areas of the wheel in three or more that are layed on every other number. For instance, bet placed, gap nextdoor, bet placed, gap next door etc. The bad point here has that most people do this entirely through random motive, we on the other hand are doing it with precise planning.

Choose one half of the wheel and from your reference value, 21, place a bet next door to it, then miss one and then place a bet. Do this with around four bets, now because 21 is unlikely to come out again, and that the odds of 20 showing up right after 21, we now have a remission of reducing the odds.

We have slashed the odds to around 1/34, now then, as you’ve placed a bet in one quadrant of one of your halves, you now have a 1/8 chance of hitting a bet that will return the original 1/36 value.

Now if you hit your winner, fantastic, walk away like a smart gambler should do, and then return in another game to rake your next target percentage. If you miss, move on to the next phase!

Carry out the reflection betting routine

Now carry out the same betting plot in the opposite section of the wheel, so this time at 20 moving around the left, if you miss again, go back to 21 and carry on with four bets to the right.

This procedure is aimed at the individual who utilises random spread betting within online roulette, it can be costly but the benefits are extremely rewarding. Landing zone tracking gives back control to the player, where as random plotting fails, tracking allows for the close study of previous positions.

The idea is that a landing zone is constantly changing, yet the area of the landing zone gets larger. It works on a method of surface reduction that through time, will close down the board and improve your chances of catching that winning position. Fancy playing free fruit slots worth hundreds of pounds or even free roulette money to practice your betting.