Online Roulette Ways

Taking control of a roulette game on the internet

If i’m going to play online roulette, then i atleast want some control over the game. Now in a game of constant fluctuation like this one is, gaining any form of self control can be very difficult if not impossible. We must therefore look at the bigger picture, what is happening and what can be done to provide leverage in this negative situation.

In roulette, we are playing an opponent that tells us very little about it’s power, we know only that winning and losing can switch places in a short space of time, so most strategies are fruitless. This is why an experiment involving two towers can be beneficial when trying to beat the roulette bookies machines whilst gambling on the internet.

Two tower method explained

Unlike the lord of the rings second movie, these two towers are made from casino cash credits. It requires a formation of division within a bet sitting before we can go any further, so then, lets say you are playing roulette and you take £40. 00 onto that wheel with you. I’ll always tell you that a good target to reach will be £50. 00, thats a profit margin of 25 percent. Hope you can see where that came from, read it again if you are unsure.

I now divide my bet sitting value of £40. 00 into two tower values of £20. 00 each. One tower is the winning reaction betting chain and the other is the losing reaction betting chain. Remember all we need to do is make £10. 00 before we can leave the game and with profit.

Using the two towers during roulette play

If you want to beat roulette online and your chances of doing so improve, then you might want to pay attention to this part. Now that we have our two towers, how can we use them at their best ability in a game overdosed on luck. Ok the first bet does not matter, it is your reference bet for all the others to follow. This works best when playing 50/50 betting in roulette, so red or black for example.

Now then if we bet on red and it hits, great we are on our way to our profit percentage. A winning bet will mean that you double your next bet and this is paid for by the winning chain tower value.
If you don’t catch your bet and you miss, then your next bet is taken from losing chain tower value and is halved.

We now have two values of money that represent the shifting time base within fluctuation. Everytime you win, your next bet increases so a repetitive win will boost you greatly towards your profit margin. Any losing bet will be reduced by 50 percent on its following bet. Therefore as winning increases, the bets get larger and as with losing they get smaller. This is by no means a get rich quick scheme, you are still riding fluctuation, only this will provide you with any additional time you might need in reaching your 25 percent profit margin.